Sumo Cakes Has Moved

A New Home, A New Adventure

First, we want to thank you for your interest in Sumo Cakes bonsai fertilizer. Second, we want to say that we have grown out of this role and have evolved into something bigger.

After almost 2 years of selling our brand of fertilizer, Sumo Cakes, the support from every one of you and the growth of the brand has been more than expected and to us unthought of. Seeing some of the success stories involving Sumo Cakes has been truly amazing to us. We are very happy that we were able to help write those stories and we hope that you share them with your friends.

To that, I say goodbye to and hello to the continuing journey.

Hello To Our New Home

Welcome to our new journey. Our continuing story. Sumo Bonsai Supply.

With Sumo Bonsai Supply we have shut down two websites and merged them as one. We have taken our love of bonsai from MN Bonsai Network and our dedication to bonsai fertilizers and created this new home.

Sumo Bonsai Supply will be the home of Sumo Cakes bonsai fertilizer but allows us to expand. We will offer quality soil components, tools, and other bonsai related supplies. Making Sumo Bonsai Supply a one-stop shop. If we can sell for less, we will.