Sumo Cakes™ Bonsai Fertilizer

Makes Feeding Your Bonsai Easy!

Acidic Buds & Blooms Original


Sumo Cakes bonsai fertilizer comes in 3 different blends uniquely formulated to provide optimal health to your bonsai and plants. In each of the different blends, you will find similar ingredients but in different ratios developed specifically for the type of plant or bonsai that is targeted.

Each blend includes 9 different micronutrients, 19+ species of mycorrhizae, humic acid and a host of natural vitamins and minerals.

As a bonsai fertilizer, Sumo Cakes is a multi-source fertilizer utilizing 17+ ingredients to target its focus on specific goals. Each ingredient is included in a specific ratio to play its part in the overall goal. With the assortment of ingredients and the number of mycorrhizae that are in each blend, you will see many benefits. These benefits include but are not limited to healthier color of the needles and leafs, more buds, brighter flowers, more fruit and a healthy root zone.

Each of the 3 blends was analyzed by Brookside Laboratories in Ohio, USA and given a guaranteed analysis. 

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