Sumo Cakes Story


Sumo Cakes Story

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Sumo Cakes Story

I wanted to take a moment and tell you the Sumo Cakes Story.

Before Sumo Cakes, I had used an inorganic liquid fertilizer for a few years. Nothing fancy, just your typical 10:10:10 fertilizer. Once in a while, I would use a bag of Green Dream. In the spring of 2016 I repotted two of my Ponderosa Pines. I noticed that there wasn’t any Mycorrhizae growing in my soil at that time. Because of this, I felt that I needed to change up my fertilizer regimen. The research started. Mycorrhizae is important in our bonsai soil for a number of reasons that go beyond the scope of this introduction. (Read a little bit about Mycorrhizae)

The organic “bonsai” fertilizers that I looked at were made from bone meal, blood meal, and cottonseed meal or similar ingredients. But there are so many great fertilizer ingredients available. A couple examples are Alfalfa meal, earthworm castings, kelp meal among others. The things you won’t notice in many fertilizers is vitamins, minerals, micro nutrients or mycorrhizae. Sometimes you won’t even find the secondary macro nutrients included in fertilizers. You end up having to purchase multiple fertilizer products to accomplish all of our bonsai fertilizing needs. Fertilizers are not all created equal.

The Research

I sent an email to Bio-Gold and found that they don’t include mycorrhizae in their product. Also not included in their mix was vitamins, minerals or micro nutrients. I only had one option, make my own.

Through my research, I found a few different fertilizers that I liked and felt my bonsai would benefit from. So along with those fertilizers, I made sure to include vitamins and minerals along with micro nutrients and mycorrhizae. I wanted a fertilizer that beat all of the others.

The Sales

Really, I had no intention of selling this fertilizer, but I had some left over and thought I would see what happened on the auction sites. The speed that it sold was surprising to me. I made some more and people kept buying it. (You can purchase your Sumo Cakes)

The Name

The name Sumo Cakes represents the amount of ingredients that are included along with the punch that it gives to our bonsai. This is an example of what the original Sumo Cakes bonsai fertilizer contains. 17 ingredients including the secondary macro nutrients, 7+ micro nutrients, 70+ vitamins and minerals along with 39 different microbes including 24 mycorrhizae.

Who is Using

I have been very pleased with the first years reception of the product. Multiple customers have purchased Sumo Cakes more than once. I have shipped to all corners of the country and I have shipped to a nursery located in Omiya Bonsai village. The prospects for next year just get better and better.


SumoOriginal  SumoBudsBlooms
SumoOriginal  SumoBudsBlooms  Fertilizer-Baskets
SumoOriginal  SumoBudsBlooms  Fertilizer-Baskets  Bonsai-Trimmers
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